Unleashing the Power and Innovation of New Military, Civil and Commercial Space-Ground Systems

Mon. March 12| 9:45 AM - 10:05 AM | 201

The space-ground system may not be as glamorous as building and launching a satellite, but it is both the cerebellum of a satellite system with its processing and storage capability, as well as the central nervous system with its connection and communication with multiple networks. Manny Mora, vice president and general manager of Space and Intelligence Systems for General Dynamics Mission Systems will discuss the challenges and the role of innovation in new space-ground systems and for updating those operating since the 1980s. This presentation will also cover the seamless transition of analog space-ground networks and communication technologies to digital, open architectures, as well as cognitive networks and unprecedented system automation to reduce operating costs and significantly improve satellite operation and mission precision.

Track: Engineering Forum


Ryan Orth

Ryan Orth

Vice President, RF Intelligence Systems

General Dynamics

Role: Speaker